ADR Association recommends Mediation Legislation

In light of the impending introduction of new Civil Procedure Rules of the Supreme Court providing for mediation, there is a strong recommendation from the ADR Association of Barbados Inc. for guidelines and regulations to be implemented and enforced in order to preserve the highest standards of integrity, competence, honour, and professionalism amongst those engaged in mediation practices and training more especially since mediation is a voluntary process which is undertaken on a confidential and "without prejudice" basis.

The necessary infrastructure, national regulations and guidelines can be instituted in either of two ways:

  1. the Government take precedent from the Trinidad and Tobago model of legislating a Mediation Act of Barbados or,
  2. they adopt the Canadian model by recognizing the ADR Association of Barbados Inc, as the singular authority for accreditation and certification of :
  3. Training, Standards and Qualifications for Certification of Mediators,
  4. Certification of Mediation Trainers Regulations
  5. Accreditation of Mediation Training Programs
  6. Accreditation of family Mediation Training Programs.

    Incorporated in November 2004, as a non-profit organization, the Association’s immediate focus is to establish training programs for the certification of its members as Mediators and Arbitrators in accordance with generally accepted international standards.

    The Association's objectives include:

    • Promoting the study and understanding of the ADR process;
    • Educating the public, judiciary, legislative bodies and corporations on the effective and appropriate use of ADR;
    • Encouraging and advancing moral human values such as respect, trust, understanding and forgiveness
    • Fostering co-operation and understanding among nations for the peaceful resolution of all forms of disputes; and
    • Promoting Barbados as a destination for resolving disputes by means of ADR.

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