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Purpose & Objectives

The purpose of the ADR Association of Barbados Inc. is to define standards and qualifications for professional mediators and arbitrators as the preferred means of resolving disputes, as well as to be the pre-eminent organization for professionals who provide dispute resolution services and individuals and organizations that use those services.

The objectives of the Association are to:

  1. Establish and foster the highest standards of integrity, competence, honor and character among those engaged in ADR on a professional basis;
  2. Secure the acceptance of and adherence to the ethical and practice standards adopted by the ADR Association of Barbados Inc;
  3. Promote the study and understanding of the ADR process;
  4. Educate the public, judiciary, legislative bodies and corporations on effective and appropriate use of ADR;
  5. Further Members' careers and professional prospects, status and opportunities;
  6. Participate, in a multi-disciplinary setting, in activities designed to improve and update Members' practice skills;
  7. Help keep Members up to date with current developments and issues in the field;
  8. Encourage and advance moral human values such as respect, trust, understanding and forgiveness;
  9. Participate in professional fellowship, encourage harmony among members of the Association and make relevant contacts;
  10. Create opportunities for referrals to Members as a registered mediators, graded arbitrators or expert in related fields of the ADR practice;
  11. Cooperate with other organizations, institutions of learned societies with interests in ADR;
  12. Promote Barbados as a destination for resolving disputes by means of ADR;
  13. Foster cooperation and understanding among nations and the citizens of all nations for peaceful resolution of all forms of disputes;
  14. Do any and all things which shall be appropriate in the furtherance of these purposes and the mission.

The Association brings together mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, members of the judiciary, law offices, corporations, individuals and students interested in ADR.

The Association is developing a Code of Ethics; a Code of Standards and Conduct; Training programs etc - in order to establish the infrastructure and to maintain the honor, integrity and professionalism of ADR practitioners, academics and researchers in accordance with international standards.

The Association is also working on a program to accredit and certify mediators to be placed on a roster for court - recommended mediation to be implemented under the new Civil Procedure Rules of the Supreme Court of Barbados to be implemented in 2006.

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