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The Symbolism of our Logo

Our Colors:

Mid night Blue represents:

the Void, darkness, lack of knowledge etc.


signifies Enlightenment


symbolizes sacrifice and concessions. Therefore, from the darkness (conflict), with some sacrifice and concessions in the Conflict Resolution process, there can enlightenment (creative resolution).

Also the Blue and Gold:

are comparable to our national colors.


"ADR" is inscribed in ancient calligraphy script that can be read, right side up as well as upside down.


The Triangle represents the Trinity

The Creator (new ideas and solutions);

The Transformer (negativity, ill feelings etc) and

The Sustainer (harmony and peace in the relationship).

It also represents the Mediator and the two disputants.

The Circle:

is symbolic of the Sun radiating light, the Light of Truth and Knowledge ... and the Circle ... signifies Infinity - no beginning, no end; within the centre which is equidistant from all points of the circumference, being the point of Absolute Truth. It also represents a judicial seal - the Seal of Resolution.

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