Welcome to the ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) website of Barbados. ADR in general and mediation in particular is the most rapidly developing discipline and profession in the world as an alternative to the existing gladiatorial and adversarial style of civil litigation system of conflict resolution which is, over-burdened, un-economical pathetically tardy and disquieting.

The ADR Association of Barbados Inc., a non-profit, non-governmental organization was incorporated on November 29, 2004 as the first professional Association for dispute resolution in Barbados, and perhaps even the Caribbean.


Mediation is a voluntary, confidential, non-binding and without prejudice process of intervention in a dispute or negotiation by an impartial third party who has no decision-making power
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Many persons are overwhelmed by the complexity, cost, stress, publicity and time involved in taking a case through the over-burdened and centralized judiciary process, more especially when they are absolutely uncertain about the outcome of the presiding judge's ruling.
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